At Delta Waves, our dedication to top-notch audio technology is unwavering. By partnering with world-class brands, our team delivers renowned audio products, setting a benchmark in the market. Whether it’s for any application, we are well-prepared to recommend the perfect solution that caters to our clients’ specific needs.

Our engineers provide exceptional audio support and services, ensuring that you receive an unparalleled market experience.

Count on us for the finest audio solutions, as we remain committed to delivering the best in the industry.


AUDAC excels in industrial and professional sound solutions – amplifiers, speakers, microphones, and more. Since 1992, this Belgian brand is renowned for groundbreaking innovations. Quality, service, and pride remain paramount.


For over 70 years, Sennheiser’s passion for sound remains unwavering. Founded in 1945, this family-owned German company has earned a global reputation. Professor Dr. Fritz Sennheiser’s commitment to pioneering innovative solutions has led to technology advancements that enhance lives and continue to shape the audio industry’s future.

Neumann Berlin

Neumann, a renowned global leader in studio microphones, sets the standard for professional audio technology. Their products are considered milestones, often topping the list of equipment in audio studios worldwide, signaling a high level of professionalism.

Meyer Sound

Since 1979, Meyer Sound has been a pioneering innovator in performance audio. They laid a technological foundation, introducing breakthroughs like trapezoidal cabinets, dedicated processors, self-powered loudspeakers, and more.


Aviom revolutionized monitor mixing with the Pro16® Monitor Mixing System. Their audio networking products, driven by A-Net® technology, deliver control, flexibility, and performance with the Pro64® Series.


Bosch, a top IoT provider, delivers cutting-edge solutions for smart homes, Industry 4.0, and connected mobility. With AI integration, they foster connected living, enhancing lives globally through innovative and exciting products and services.

Stealth Acoustics

Stealth Acoustics, a US manufacturer, creates award-winning invisible in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers, outdoor speakers, and custom art-speakers. Their professional-grade products offer an elegant alternative, blending seamlessly with your environment. The new LineaResponse™ G Series (LRG) of invisible speakers elevates sound quality with Fidelity Glass™ face panel for enhanced warmth, realism, and easy installation.

Active Audio

Active Audio produces DSP-controlled and passive column loudspeakers, processors, amps, and accessories, providing distinctive solutions for various locations like airports, houses of worship, train stations, and conference halls with challenging acoustics. 


Electro-Voice stands out as a company that designs all components in-house, including enclosures, waveguides, and drivers, ensuring top-notch quality for each audio application. The company aims for complete transparency and linearity in their transducers, minimizing the need for external processing. Their impressive track record of patents proves their innovation, setting the bar for others to follow.


Dynacord is devoted to the art and science of audio, striving for innovative ways to create unparalleled sensory experiences. The brand proudly represents German Engineering Excellence, exceeding standards for audio professionals, audiences, and performers.


Established in 1987, Riedel Communications pioneers real-time video, audio, and communications networks worldwide. Renowned for digital audio matrix systems and SDI/IP-based media networks, they serve broadcast, pro-audio, events, sports, theater, and security sectors. Headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, Riedel employs 1000+ people across 30 locations in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas.